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Live at the Forum with William Westmoreland

Equus Regional Director Heather Leach sat down with William Westmoreland, Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, at the National Association of Workforce Board’s Forum 2023. The pair discusses business sector engagement and the One Workforce approach to partners.

The Latest Update

Update on PacMtn’s Regional Strategic Workforce Plan: Thank You for Your Feedback

I'm pleased to update you on the progress of PacMtn's Regional Strategic Workforce Plan (Local Plan) as we work together for a stronger regional workforce.

The initial comment period for our Local Plan closed on November 30, and we're grateful for the valuable feedback received from our community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey, shaping the future of our regional workforce development initiatives.

The diversity of perspectives, from employers to job seekers and Regional Workforce System partners, has been vital in refining our strategies to align with our region's unique challenges and opportunities.

We have meticulously reviewed and analyzed the feedback to draft the Strategic Regional Workforce Plan. This document incorporates the insights gathered during the initial comment period, reflecting our community's aspirations and needs.

The draft plan is now available for public comment, underscoring our commitment to transparency and collaboration. Your continued participation will be instrumental in shaping the final version, providing an exciting opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to our collective vision for a dynamic and resilient regional workforce.

Our commitment to an inclusive approach remains strong. Our team will continue engaging with the community through various channels. Your ongoing involvement is not just welcomed; it's essential as we collaboratively build a workforce development system to meet the evolving needs of our region.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Your dedication to shaping the future of our workforce is commendable, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support as we progress in the next phase of the Regional Strategic Workforce Plan. Your feedback will be accepted through February 7, 2024.


William Westmoreland

CEO, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development (PacMtn)


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