ANEW Cohort 36 Graduation

Apr 17, 2023

ANEW Cohort 36

PacMtn is thrilled to recognize the March 10th graduation of Cohort 36, who completed the ANEW Pre- Apprenticeship Construction Education program. The City of Olympia and the PacMtn Workforce Development Council provided financial support, while Hired Workforce Solutions – a Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, affiliated program – coordinated all activities. We’d like to extend a special thank you to Amber McGinnis (Program Manager, ANEW) for her outstanding instruction throughout the training experience. Congratulations once again on a successful graduation, Cohort 36!

Following 7 weeks of an intense and comprehensive curriculum, five participants were recognized for their determination and hard work with a graduation ceremony to commemorate their success. These individuals left with not only newly acquired, marketable skills, but also the highly in-demand Forklift, Flagger, and OSHA 10 certifications. In a ceremony led by Amber McGinnis, in which she addressed the crowd with support and encouragement for the graduates, David Schaffert (President and CEO, Olympia Chamber of Commerce) and Mike Reid (Director, Economic Development Center), also shared inspiring speeches about reaching potential. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, an in-house hiring event followed, offering each graduate the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and network with local employers.

Supported by funding through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and PacMtn Workforce Development, this program was able to provide eligible participants with full-time wage compensation during their training period, at market-rate. Specifically, participants received an $18.00 per hour salary while they were developing useful skillsets. This assistance financially supported trainees and improved morale throughout the program. Providing a paid option for training can benefit both the community and graduating participants on many levels — including more successful completion rates and greater employment chances post-graduation — by streamlining recruiting efforts, increasing engagement between employees and job candidates, as well as alleviating financial uncertainty. We are very excited and proud to offer financial support during training to assist with stability, while in a transitional employment status, as this prevents undue financial hardship.

Through collaboration between the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and The City of Olympia, the Olympia Career Hub is dedicated to providing top-notch skill training for individuals affected by displacement due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thanks to this initiative, individuals will have the opportunity to start on their path towards a new career. This innovative program has more cohorts scheduled for 2023, giving more job-seekers access to quality opportunities and amazing second chances!

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