Strategic Plan

Coordination and Realignment of Workforce Development Activities

Open Inclusive Planning Process

PacMtn has developed this WIOA-driven Strategic Plan with significant input from our Board, Sector Partners in target industries, economic development partners, secondary and vocational education partners, community based organizations serving our community members, state agencies providing public benefits, and the One-Stop Operator overseeing the local area workforce development system services.

Brainstorming while drawing on wall

Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Directive

PacMtn provided an open and inclusive planning process that engaged a wide range of stakeholders – including, but not limited to – employers, organizations, education and training providers, economic development community, and subpopulations and community service providers.

Attachment H provides an abbreviated outline of the engagement undertaken by PacMtn in consultation to provide input and guidance from a wide range of stakeholders in the development of this Local Integrated Service Plan. Specific steps and activities including, but not limited to, employers and labor organizations, education and training providers, economic development agencies, community-based organizations and advocates, and community service providers across multiple state and local agencies, have helped to shape this plan.

The PacMtn Board was deeply engaged in the thematic and practical objectives set forth in the Strategic Plan, and the Board composition reflects the membership categories required by WIOA. Board input has been collected during annual retreats, through subcommittee meetings and via individual member outreach. Board-defined goals and priorities provide the overarching framework for all resulting strategies.

This plan has been approved by the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board