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PacMtn posts Requests for Proposals (RFPs) as necessary for qualified providers to deliver services and/or training in Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston Counties. Check back often for new RFP postings, related FAQs, and selected bidder announcements. 


(Currently awarded RFPs / RFIs)

Communications, Media, and Design Services

PacMtn is hereby announcing its award to the following bidder for the services of 1.) Copy Writing and Content Creation, 2.) Staff Consultation, and 3.) Social Media Planning, Management, and Execution portion of the Virtual Media services to:

For the execution and delivery of services for 1.) Brand Development, 2.) Virtual Media (i.e. PacMtn website and SEO strategies), 3.) Event Support, 4.) Presentations, Flyers, and Other Media Products, and 5.) Miscellaneous Printing and Procurement Services, PacMtn is hereby annoucing the award to the following bidder:

Appeals are available for seven (7) working days after notification of the successful bidder is announced.
Appeals Form

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(Currently open RFPs / RFAs)

EcSA Business Engagement

RFI Information

In 2022, the Washington State Legislature appropriated state funds for Economic Security for All (EcSA), expanding its capacity to deliver comprehensive and coordinated services to the 26% of Washingtonians who live in poverty. EcSA is a poverty reduction policy that coordinates with existing economic development strategies to increase their collective ability to support low-income Washingtonians in their pursuit of equity, dignity, and sustained self-sufficiency. In 2023, the EcSA program was enhanced to add $2.89 million in funding to increase employer outreach to better connect job seekers with the training and opportunities to fill the quality jobs located in their communities.


Business Association consortiums operating across the entire PacMtn region, which are managed and offered technical guidance by a principal organization within the partnership that has a minimum of 10 years of effective service provision in the region. Eligible business entities include:

  • 501(c) 3: charitable organizations and private foundations whose mission is to serve local business by providing workforce development programming. It cannot be a church or religious organization.
  • 501(c) 4: social welfare organizations whose mission is to work alongside business and industry to sustain and grow local economy.
  • 501(c) 6: business leagues, chambers of commerce whose mission is to serve local business by promoting local business interests.  


PacMtn is seeking MULTIPLE letters of interest from eligible organizations to fund at least two business association consortiums for 15 months, April 1, 2024-June 30, 2025. The total funding available is $950,000.

Please read the EcSA Business Engagement RFI to learn about the Deliverables, Timelines, Activities, and Outcomes, along with instructions for the Letter of Interest format and submission process.

Request for Information: EcSA Biz Engagement RFI

Virtual Information Session on Friday, February 23, 2024 from 9:30 am PST to 10:30 am PST; Microsoft Teams Link: Click here to join the meeting

Questions can be submitted at Please specify “name of RFI Subject” in the title when submitting any questions.

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Agriculture Labor Program

RFA Information

The Agriculture Sector Recovery Program is a solution prioritizing workforce recovery initiatives for Thurston County. It focuses on recruiting and developing employees, subsidizing their wages, and informing the public of available career paths in the agriculture sector while increasing and expanding agricultural knowledge. Specifically, it highlights agricultural employers in crop production, livestock production, animal slaughtering, and processing. We aim to build and develop talent and invest in long-term recovery by working with local businesses to restore our workforce.

Agricultural Producers will work with Washington State University Extension (WSU) to develop career pathways and define the required skills for the job seekers that align with the program goals. Applicants selected will receive up to $20,000.00 in subsidized wage support for one year (12 months). This will include On-The-Job-Trainings (OJT) that support the career pathway that may include third-party training providers with these workers earning at or above $40,000 annually.


Successful Respondents to this request for applications will be:

    • Agricultural employers directly engaged in crop production, livestock production, shellfish and animal slaughter and processing
    • Business must be located in Thurston County
    • Licensed WA State businesses that were established prior to 02/2020

Agriculture Labor Program - Request for Applications

Questions can be submitted at

Link to Application form: 

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