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The My Journey Out Beyond (MyJOB) Program serves youth who are incarcerated by providing workplace readiness essential skill building, mentoring and work-based learning to prepare them for meaningful careers! This PacMtn Program is a system integration, in collaboration with Juvenile Rehabilitation, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and SeaKing Workforce Development Council.


Utilizing a strengths-based, holistic approach, the MyJOB program challenges conventional trajectories for youth who have been incarcerated as they build essential skills, knowledge and confidence.


The MyJOB program will foster community prosperity by developing workforce readiness in youth; empowering them to gain a competitive edge in the workforce, while thriving in everyday life.


Authenticity: We create space where individuals can be their true selves.

Collaboration: We create opportunities for community-wide investment in youth.

Trailblazing: We create innovative solutions to complex issues on a systemic scale Integrity.

Integrity: We create an environment where commitment to truth takes precedence.

Respect: We create a culture that honors an individual’s presence, voice, and purpose.



Jaire portrait

Jaire Winesberry
Program Manager
(360) 470-1036

Lakeisha portrait

Lakeisha Jones, MSW
Program Supervisor
(360) 890-5309

Julie portrait

Julie Floyd
Program Assistant
(360) 999-7019

Immanuel portrait

Immanuel Garraway
Workforce Development
Specialist (Green Hill School)
(360) 480-3641

Camden portrait

Camden Sahlinger
Workforce Development
Specialist (Green Hill School)
(360) 999-0862

Victoria portrait

Victoria Nanney
Workforce Development
Specialist (Naselle Youth Camp)
(360) 890-2019

Janella tportrait

Janella Blevins
Workforce Development
Specialist (Echo Glen CC)
(360) 890-5169

Stephanie portrait

Stephanie Lowry
Workforce Development Specialist
(360) 999-7018