Food Production

Comprised of industries involved in agriculture production and fishing, as well as the transformation of livestock, agricultural products, and other consumable natural resources into products for immediate and final consumption.

The cluster contains supply chain components ranging from agribusiness, transportation/distribution, and final consumption (e.g., supermarkets, restaurants, amusement parks).

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The PacMtn region is home to farms, ranches, fishing, and food processing facilities that feed the Pacific Northwest, and find their way by truck, train, and airplane around the globe. Hundreds of independent growers and distributors contribute to this sector. Whether you're enjoying a craft brew at a local taproom or ordering oyster shooters half a world away, you're enjoying the bounty of this region's top industry sector.

Why Choose A Career In Food Production

454 Number of Worksites in the Pacific Mountain Region

Washington offers a total of 15 million acres of farmland to this industry sector.

2,220 People Employed In The Region As of 2024

The state procedures 300 crops ranking second in the nation.

272 Projected New Jobs through 2025

Strategically located facilities along major ports, transportation corridors
and rail lines enables efficent export worldwide. 


Food Production
Food Safety
Quality Control

Technical Skills

Food Handling
Inspection of Product
Production Machinary Operation
Inventory Management
Machinery Operation


Active Listening
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Physical Stamina
Attention to Detail

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