Forest and Wood Products

The core industries range from logging and sawmills to different types of wood manufacturing. Since logging and saw mills are represented with the core industries, the industrial inputs include the engineering and industrial machinery that go into the core industries.

Purchasers and distributors include a wide variety of industries such as hospitals, which require a wide range of wood and paper products, and soft drink manufacturing, which primarily buy specific products like cardboard.

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In a state built from a logging heritage, forest and wood products continue to play a major role in the local economy and remain vital to the success of our communities. The industry is focused on the future with an emphasis on high tech equipment and forest conservation efforts. The impact of the forest and wood products industry reaches far and wide, meeting the unique and varied needs of purchasers and distributors while working to maintain healthy regional forests.

Why Choose A Career In Forest and Wood Products?

269 Number of Worksites in the Pacific Mountain Region

The industry supports over 73,000 workers statewide.

3, 385 People Employed as of 2024

This sector is the third-largest manufacturing industry in Washington.

1,167 Projected New Jobs through 2025

In a state built from a logging heritage, wood and forest products is focused on
the future with an emphasis on high tech equipment.


Operational Analysis
Design Techniques
Production and Processing
Safety and Hazard Identification

Technical Skills

Operations Monitoring
Quality Control
Heavy Machinery Operation
Power Tool Operation
Machine Optimization


Critical Thinking
Active Listening
Time Management
Continual Learning

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