This industry is not just about saving lives; it's also about offering rewarding career opportunities and growth. Whether it's booking an annual exam or assisting in longterm care, becoming a professional in this sector means making a difference in enhancing the quality of life for individuals and communities.

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This growing sector encompasses a well-rounded representation of the health care industry-hospitals and clinics, medical-device manufacturers, and specialty services such as medical laboratories, diagnostic imaging, and kidney dialysis centers.

Whether you're booking your annual physical exam or seeking long-term care for a loved one, you count on professionals in this sector to offer high-quality, innovative solutions.

Why Choose A Career In Healthcare?

925 Number of Worksites in the Pacific Mountain Region

Dynamic environments ensures that careers remain stimulating and fulfilling.

211,444 People Employed as of 2024

The diverse range of roles allows each individual to find their niche.

25,373 Projected New Jobs through 2025

With constant advancements in technology and practices, job-demand
continues to increase adapting to new challenges and innovations each day.


Basic Anatomy & Physiology
First Aid
Patient Confidentiality
Healthcare Laws & Ethics
Healthcare Policy
Medical Terminology

Technical Skills

Clinical Skills
Medical Equipment Operation
Electronic Health Record (EHR)
Diagnostic Testing
Emergency Response


Attention to Detail
Stress Management
Cultural Sensitivity

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