Hospitality and Tourism

The tourism and recreation cluster as a whole is the largest out of all of the identified targeted industry clusters and is expected to see the most job growth from 2012 to 2018. This is primarily because it includes industries that typically have large employment levels, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and independent artists. However, the cluster also has one of the lowest wages out of all of the others, and the core industries rank fairly low in terms of the presence of occupations with high wages.

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PacMtn's scenic region draws tourists from around the globe. From natural beauties like Mount Rainier and the Pacific coast, to a rising number of world-class restaurants, craft breweries, top-rated hotels, attractions and more, hospitality represents the region's fastest-growing industry sector. Though it struggles against an unfair reputation for low wages, the hospitality sector generates thousands of lifestyle-sustaining jobs and millions in tax dollars, keeping the economy humming and our communities vibrant.

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1,390 Number of Worksites in the Pacific Mountain Region

Pacific Mountain’s scenic region draws tourists from all over the globe.

7,177 People Employed as of 2024

The hospitality sector represents the region’s fastest-growing industry.

1,070 Projected New Jobs through 2025

Generating thousands of lifestyle-sustaining jobs and millions in tax
dollars, this workforce plays and integral role in the local economy.


Customer Service
Sales Techniques
Marketing Strategy
Safety and Security

Technical Skills

Customer Relation
Management (CRM) Software
Point of Sale Software
Word Processing
Cleaning and Sanitization


Social Perceptiveness

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