Specialty Manufacturing and Logistics

The Specialty Manufacturing and Logistics industry encompasses the creation of unique, customized, or niche products and the efficient management of movement and storage of materials and finished products within a manufacturing plant. WA state is at the forefront of innovation in the industry driven by traditional and emerging technologies.

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Manufacturing starts well before a product rolls off a production line. It begins with transforming raw elements into materials we use every day, even if those raw elements are distilled from previously used end products.

Whether purchasing a new window to brighten your home, or buying soda pop from a vending machine, or dropping the empty can in the recycling bin, you rely on the products this industry creates.

Why Choose A Career In Specialty Manufacturing and Logistics?

54 Number of Worksites in the Pacific Mountain Region

Manufacturers in WA account for 10.64% of the total output in the state.

11,113 People Employed as of 2024

The industry encompasses over 8% of the employment in our workforce.

1,167 Projected New Jobs through 2025

The total output from manufacturing was $65.20 billion in 2019.


Manufacturing Processes
Logistics Basics
Inventory Control
Quality Control
Safety Guidelines
Machinery Operation

Technical Skills

Equipment Maintenance
Inventory Management
Quality Control
Supply Chain Management
Forklift Operation
Production Planning
Technical Troubleshooting


Attention to Detail
Time Management

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