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By building strategic alliances and designing innovative workforce solutions, we are creating a pipeline of skilled and talented workers prepared to meet the needs of local employers and the industries of tomorrow. Targeted employment services help job seekers explore career pathways, update skills, and gain work-related training – increasing employability, retention, and long-term earning potential. All of these efforts culminate into an integrated system that supports regional employers by supplying them with skilled workers.


This website was established to assist job seekers, businesses, organizations, and any individuals that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in accessing resources and assistance from WorkSource to help get through this challenging time.

At you can find resources and information to help with (but not limited to):

  • Applying for unemployment
  • Job searching
  • Help for your business in tough economic times
  • Available community resources
  • Various tutorials on navigating the Washington ESD website and more
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PacMtn partners with businesses, government agencies, education, and community based organizations to provide innovative programs, resources, and employment opportunities to job seekers in the PacMtn region.

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