Finding Talent

Hire The Right People

A Conduit Between the Business Community and Workforce

The goal of the PacMtn regional Business Solutions Team is to provide an essential conduit between the business community and the public workforce system and navigate businesses to available resources to meet needs. The skilled Business Solutions Team focuses on identifying workforce needs and building tools for businesses that will help build long-term sustainable solutions.

Connecting to Business Solutions starts with WorkSource or filling out the Business Services Referral Form.

Services Include

  • Workforce Planning: Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Online Recruitment Assistance
  • Hiring Events
  • Labor Market Data and Tax Credits
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Targeted Recruitment Assistance
  • Online Recruitment Platform:
  • Connections to Diverse Workforce Pipelines
  • Connections to Work-Based Learning and Internships
  • Sector Strategies and Industry Roundtables
  • Employer Workshops

Work-Based Learning

What is Work-Based Learning?

Work-based learning opportunities are a win-win-win for the jobseeker/worker, the business, and the workforce system. Jobseekers collect a paycheck while in training and businesses are able to defray payroll costs while helping a worker gain valuable skills. Work-and-learn solutions help ensure training provides tangible, relevant skills that lead to jobs for trainees. They give an employer the opportunity to get to know job candidates and build commitment between employers and jobseekers.

Work-Based Learning Program

Work Experiences (WEX) provide relevant industry and/or job position specific work experience for career changers, recent training graduates, and youth looking to build skills and work history to obtain career advancing positions.

Work Experience Benefits

  • No payroll expenses, we even pay Labor and Industries taxes.
  • Gain extra help for your organization and possible On-the-Job Training scholarships.
  • Provide the opportunity for your existing staff to gain supervisory, training, and mentorship experience.
  • Help with the success of your local community by mentoring job seekers in gaining work skills needed to become more employable and build economic vitality.
Forklift driver
Cafe shop worker


On The Job Training

On-the-Job (OJT) Training are training incentives that offer you a low-cost way to train new employees, while also providing knowledge and skills essential to job performance. We can assist you in finding applicants for entry level as well as highly skilled positions. Many applicants come with strong educational backgrounds. The applicants we refer are pre-screened and their skill levels are thoroughly assessed. Our qualified staff will carefully match our applicants to your job requirements. We don’t tell you who to hire.

The Benefits of Employer Training Services

  • On the Job Training partially reimburses for wages during the training period.
  • Training focuses on the specific skills you need.
  • Additional federal tax incentive may apply.

On-The-Job Training Requirements

On-the-Job Training scholarships will reimburse the employer 50% of the employee’s wages during the training period of up to 2-3 months.  From day one, they are your employee and subject to your company’s policies.

How On-The-Job Training Services Work

Hire Skilled and Screened Applicants

On-the-Job (OJT) Training offers your business a unique opportunity to hire screened applicants, while saving on training costs.

Minimum of 32 work hours a week

All jobs must be at least 32 hours per week.

Training Program Assistance

The length of training varies based on your needs and applicant skill level. We will assist you in developing a training program that will best meet your specific needs.

Hiring Veterans And Military Spouses

Veterans and military spouses are resilient, hard-working, and reliable employees. PacMtn supports a number of programs and resources that connect businesses to this great pool of candidates. Some of these include: